Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New clubpenguin reveiwed bye you

New clubpenguin reviewed by you
great jub whoever one!lol
go to clubpenguin.com for more info ,i hope i get picked XD

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rockhopper closer

Rockhoppers getting closser for the fair!
comon you can make it rh!
can wait!
wonder what goodies rockhopepr has for us this time
Waddle on!

New Clubpenguin Stamps!

New clubpenguin stamps !
First theres mission stamps.
When i logged on i alredy had them XD
And then the puffle rescue stamps are back and they load!
well there awsome and look easy
im going to go earn some now!
Waddle on!

Feild Op Mission 12

New feilp op today! :D
sory i couldnt do a full post earlier i was on a chat XD
well its here now!
1:go to camand room
2:click yellow board
3:accept feild op

oh no!how can i have a snowball fight!
4:go to snowforts
5:get close to convaor,near clock tower
ugh its a repeat just play the game with the maze and the chip

yay now i have a total of 13 not 12
because i glich
(this is not my penguin i alredy did it on mine but
kinda pointless because i didnt make it show everything huh well i was on my test one)
yay!we saved cp again!
Waddle on!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ask Happy77 On Gameday

Ask happy 77 on game day..........
not realy but next sater day we will
just post coments on clubpenguin.com whats new
asking on what you want to know!cool enof
Waddle on!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Clubpenguin Art For Hati Winner

The art for hati winner is in and........
Great job micky!You won!
I voted for this one my self its pretty good
the only default for my (my ipinoin)the penguin with the scarf should
be thiker
well good job!
i wonder if i would have got to finals if i enters lol
Waddle on!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clubpenguin beach construktion

some construcktion for the fall fair has started
hey look in the box the hat i mensioned earlier
what other suprises await
look rockhopers coming :D
im ready for my rockhopper stamp
i caint wait
oh and chack out the mine shack the trees huge
Waddle on!

New Clubpenguin Fall Fair Starter Screen

new starting screen in clubpenguin
i caint wait cant you?
I woner why they always show puffle paddle..
mabey its one of the most liked games!

do you see that? that lookes just like the hat
from last year last year it was black and purple
now its yellow and red sweet it will be for member
is that a baloon hat,that will probly be for nonmembers
well i cant wait can you!
Waddle on!

Clubpenguin Igloo Pin Cheat

To get the igloo pin simply
1:go to the pool(underground)
2:click the pin
3:click yes
now you have the igloo pin!
Waddle on!

Clubpenguin Igloos Now Saveable

Clubpenguin finaly made it posibal to have a
section for igloos
know you can buy a igloo for yourself and when you want to sstand out
no need to buy if you alredy have it and dont have to wait till its out again you can just plop
it out of you invitory

just but a igloo and when you want it just click the igloo icon
im ggoing to colect them all XD

these are the igloos i have so far
Waddle on!

Clubpenguin Times Ishue 256

The clubpenguin is out!

it mentions alot about the fair
and rockhoppers coming!
it looks like some iteams are coming back
i hope some new 2
look out for pink puffles if you know what i mean from last year
new penguin style,cool some hoodies like last year
i need some of the colersi colect all the iteams girl or boy XD(septeber3)
fall fair we all know septeber3 to 12
i cant wait!i going to earn lots of tickets for lots of prizes
new play starts septeber 17 fairy faibles
i realy wish they would bring back some older plays
like the hiking viking i only have 1 iteam from it
or the blue team vs red team rally i have moose head and bird head
more new igloos already! starts septeber 17
another colectable pin on septeber 10
thats it!
Ok lets have are stamp books ready because im getting the rockhopper stamp
i will find you again rockhopper
ugh it will bee hard to find all the penguin band franky is easy when they are out
oh they added pics to the party stamp section well
Waddle on!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cool the art for hati is in!
i gues its good lots of coler but it could have been
more straight not my favorite

oops i kinda got number
2 and 3 mixed up lol
number3:this one is kinda good but the beaks are kinda kreepy
this one is good i would vote for it but....
number4:this one i voted for
look its cool its good shaped and you can tell they put lots of efort into it!
but.. the backround penguins could be alittle thiker
what do you think about these they are good entrys....
yes i forgot to enter.........
Waddle on!

My Favorite Clubpenguin Cardjitsue Card

This is my favorite cp card!
Why?It plane our rocks!
If you ever see me in cp and i get the card into my hands when
im playing youll be sure to see it in action!
so you ask what hapens if you want to know look if
you want to see for yourself dont look SPOLEIR ALERT
you give a penguin a cupcake and back up the penguin has his arms out with it in
there hands then a fire ninja front flips there
takes the cupcake pulls down his mask eats it scared the penguin
and dose the diipear with fire!its so funny and it rocks
its a 12 fire type
keep a eye out im having a
card jitsue party soon ;D
Waddle on!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clubpenguin reiveiwed by you

New clubpenguin reveiwed by you today
great job winner sory i forgot the name lol
well this week cp wants to know what
were looking forward to at the fall fair!
woah is that a puffle in a car lol thats awsome
hmmm mabey puffle bumber card :D
last years fall fair rocked with a firery surpise at the end literly
this years end fall fair will be a little damp
for card jitsue water!:D
well i cant wait and mabey rockhopeprs coming ;D
Waddle on!

EPF Secret Vid

Awsome!Look what happens when you get 10 penguins at the tabel.
Secret vid!
Clubpenguins secretly updating stuf when we arnt looking lol,
Like this vid and the tactical gear oh and the trash can fills up now and the screan
you can click like the old epf headcorters.
What could this meen?
It shows 3 new doors
but for what exatly?
A new underground room?
Just like the one from the ds game the underground test??
What do you think?
Waddle on!

Monday, August 23, 2010


step1:click spy phone
step2:go to hq
step3:click yellow screen
step4:click engadge mission
step5:go to lighthous
step6:go to litte speaker in corner
step7:click engadge
step8:play game

awsome!once you finish click eleete gear!
New gear!(thx bobhead202 )
its tatckle gear awsome!
what do you think about thos gear good or bad!
Wadlle on!

clubpenguin big pack

Some of you guys have seen a pack like this
but this is a difrent 1.
This one comes with shadow guy gamma girl
a dragon(green enstead of blue)a ref a cheerleader
rockstar a night and candence

i want this pack even know i alredy have gamma girl the rockstar the cheerleader and night.
I want the others.
You can get this pack at toywiz.com with some other sweet clubpenguin toys.
Waddle on!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mimos stampede party!

Mimos stampede party was yesterday and it was cool.
To bad i didnt get to see him well i did only once at the box demetion but didnt click him because he left once i put my mouse on him he wasnt crouded there .Iforgot to take a pic :(
But i didnt see fever and fuse!i didnt get my pic of fuse but you can see him in the botem
fuse is a beta!and fevers i forget he seems fermiler

well it was awsome!
The secont beta ive seen .Ive met big dane and fuse :D
I didnt get to get stamps with mimo but i saw him for the 2 time
(first time i saw him randomly at the rooftop at the musicc jam 2010 with candence so i got her new backround and saw her!)
well yesterday night was fun!
waddle on!

it was cool.
well waddle on!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Card jitsue water proof!

Card jitsue waters coming very soon heres proof!

This is awsome!
this is real proof that its coming in november i cant wait!!!

Art for hati submissions opean

Art for hati submissions are now opean!
Are you going to enter i am but im still thinking what to draw,
im a awsome artist when you put a pencil in my hand.
Go to clubpenguin.com for more info
Waddle on!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My new igloo

What do you think of my new igloo?
Since sumers almost over me and my puffles decided
to move to a cottege igloo perfect for the fall.
Know we can get fresh fish and water to!
We have some new furniture to
Waddle on!

new start up screen

Theres a cool new start up screen.Its three in 1

Number 2:

Number 3:
these are cool start up screens
Waddle on!

new clubpenguin igloo catologs

The new clubpenguin catologs are out for your igloos
and the new feature!your own furniture!
three colers,blue,aqua,pink
theres 5 paterns,stars,polkadots,zig zag stripes,flowers,and stripes
this features cool

theres only 1 new cheat for the catolog though.
click the top of the motern art.

Cool new igloos
click the light of the gyme for the pumkin igloo!
cool new igloo i got it
thats all the new catolog cheats.
Wadlle on!

clubpenguin times bew ishue

Ishue 253 is out
and i have a feeling of something cool
cool look at that we can decorate funichor now
hey on the cover thats the couch from the cofee shop
but striped!Hmmmm .. it sure dose talk alot about card jitsue even in the secrets
i have a feeling card jitsue waters right after the fall fair wich is coming!
keep out a sharp eye next time you see it raind if it dose you know what it means!
Waddle on!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

clubpenguin reweid by you

New clubpenguin reveiwed by you
last week clubpenguin wanted to know what out favorite igloos are
bluetrue2006 was picked congrats!
this week clubpenguin wants to know
how are we helping the comunity
go to clubpenguin.com to try to get in
Waddle on!

Monday, August 16, 2010

feild op mission 10

Whats that?
oh just my spy pfone ringing!
that means!feild op !

go to hq to talk to g,what!this is teribal how am i going to drink tea while i read the newspaper on thrusday morings in the shop!
go to the cofee shop and go to the steeming pot
when your done you get a meedel and have the career total of 10
i have career11 from a glich XD
waddle on!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

new clubpenguin room!?

Woah this is a exlusive pic from the new clubpenguin guid that comes out soon
or is out!
awsome a town squar of some sourt mabey it will be called town sqaure
coool path,notice bord fountain its awsome

Do you think its real i do!
Ill get the book when it comes out but lets see if it comes out in cp
Waddle on!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

clubpenguin whats new

clubpenguin had a new whats new lol

there is a compitition for help for hati

rember back in december2008 and 2009 we donate coins well know hati

has a shool and they need a painting on there playground and whoever wins

will get there pic painted at a real school!

not sure wear to enter but i am

Friday, August 13, 2010

mountain expidition cheats

mountain expiditions here
first go to base camp for free iteam enter at ski vilage

new gear to!

after the ice caver wich i will post later
this camp it snows sometimes

then the cave someone lives there ill show you how to get in later
after the room that you get in with

your done get the flags and the backround by taking a pic

the backround clouds move!