Friday, July 30, 2010

clubpenuin july

Clubpenguin released a whats new
the first pic:mountain exedition/probly card jtisue snow
next new pegnuin style/cant wait
next one new stamps/that one looks like puffle rescue
last one new epf gear/cool
cool i cant wait augest sounds awsome
im so exited for the mountan expidition if you want to practice ill be on cp
ill try to be on fjord for most of the time on map
its a practice jim woot
i cant wait for augest!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

new newspaper

so the new newspaper came out today and when i was done i saw this!

hey what is this?!?

mountan expidition!

wait is it snowing??

why a mountain exidition?!

i think it has something to do with card jitsue snow because

look the only place were mountains are are at the end of the island right and look

look it goes valcano,SNOW,water hmm because last year
it was after the fall fair
but wait
is there going to be a fall fair this year?!
because just a mounth ago rh came so he probly wont come back till october
mabey we will mabey not and its weird its arandomly a expidition just like this valcano apered
it was random just like this mountan and look at the mountain theres a circle of clouds
like there is something up there?1
snow dojo??!!
probly but if not it will stil be very fun ,cp is realy going all out for it because even close for it
it could be the festival of flight but i dout it i think it might be another water party because
the ruber duck thing
well more info coming soon!

test post

this is a test post