Friday, December 3, 2010

New Clubpenguin Start Up Screen

It says members get bonus coins

to bad for nonmembers
cp should egleast give them some more stuf.
Waddle on!

Clubpenguin New Backround Cheat

Hey have you bought the new backround yet?

Well if you have the fire moves in the backround!
Very cool cp!
I think they did a good job for this catolog!
Waddle on!

Clubpenguin Penguin Style December 2010

Finally the new catolog is here with lots of cheats!

on page with puffle you can click the snow stares next
to the penguins with the orange/blue jaket

on the elf page click the mountain inbetween the trees

Ill let you find out what they are ;)
Let me know if a missed any because ive seen
them all but i just might have forgoted to include one ;)
Waddle on!
Merry Christmas!

Clubpenguin Snowflake Pin Cheat

Clubpenguin snowflake pin!
What do you think about this new pin?
Waddle on!

Clubpenguin Clothing Catolog Delay

Clubpenguins ben having some bugs with the new catolog.
They say it will be out sometime today.
Here is a sneek peek of the catolog!
Clubpenguin come on! Whats up with all the bugs?!
Well egleast theres new iteams.
Im going to go check now for the catolog.
Waddle on!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Ok im back and i hope i can stay i might lose computer today so im trying to get another auther i can trust sory if i spelt anything rong XD im in a rush

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Clubpenguin New Power Foil

Rember way back when we voted for a card
well the balloon one won!

Anyway sory for not posting some updates ive been kinda caught up on some other stuf ;)
Im thinking about having a party soon,for the opeaning of the water dojo!
Waddle on!
~Slippeestars vanish!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Clubpenguin Water Dojo!

Check it out!

The water dojo!
Its still in construcktion so help out.
You can help create the water dojo!
Also when you through a snowball it turns into a water balloon!
The water dojo is bieng lifted with chains becuase its a big rock!
Awsome right!Icant wait for cjw!
~Slippeestars vanish!
You can know watch the card jitsu water video outside the dojo!

~Slippeestars vanish!

Clubpenguin Card Jitsu Water Hunt!

Just like last year,a scavendure hunt!

Im not going to show you wear they are
but here are what they look like in there places
Cjw is getting better and better!
~Slippeestars vanish!

Clubpenguin Card Jitsu Water Start Screan

A card Jitsu water start up screan!
I cant wait for cj water!can you?
~Slippeestars vanish!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Card Jitsue Water Cards

New card jitsue water cards now in stores!

I want some but i cant find them my mom checked for me while i was at school
and the other day she couldent find them somewere else.
They will probly come out soon where i live
Waddle on!
~Slippeestars vanish!

Friday, November 12, 2010

music identifications

the song
Master the elemnts, will probly be for the water dojo

the song The way of sensie will probly be for the game card jitsue water

im going to go to thwe store see if i can get some cjw cards :D on saterday im going

Thursday, November 11, 2010


sory for no new cheats ill start in december since im loosing computer for a bit i hope i can see the updates at school and i might loose computer tomorow so bye

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Clubpenguin Stamp Start Up Screene

Cool another start up screen!
a stamp one,cp must love stamps!
same with that penguin it always shows ;p;

Waddle on!

Clubpenguin Ninja Start Up Screen!

a ninja start up screen!its cool and some secrets to it so watch it!

hmm card jitsue waters just around the corner!
it must be,and if you didnt notice the storms still here!
well im going on cp to see what ninja secrets i find!
Waddle on!
Slippeestars Vanish!

Clubpenguin Water Tap Pin Cheat

Cool a water tap pin !
go to the beach to get it!

its up on the rock!
Waddle on!

Catolog Cheats November 2010

The Halloween party ends today but the storm not so much.......

g cant investigate right know he says,hes busy,
it could rain this time!for you know what.........card jitsue water!

to bad i wont have a computer by then,but ill still try to get the posts in
Space ADventures is back! but is this a new one???
n november 19 new paper to!(new stlye) wont have computer then either
wish me luck!
Waddle on!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whats Coming In November!

Luckly i havent lost my internet yet!
so heres whats coming in november!

.Ninja`s- If you don~t have your ninja mask yet,now would be a good time to earn it.....
.Elite Adgents-New gear is in the work.more updates next week.
.Clubpenguin Times-The nespaper is getting s new look.The next ishue is very soon.
wow!i cant wait for the ninjs stuf and the new ishue this week!
to bad i loose computer soon though,egleast i can go on at computer class if we finish early
or befor we start realy quickly,and i renew my membership this weekend!:D
cant wait
Waddle on!

Monday, November 1, 2010


sory for no halloween cheats but happy halloween!also late XD
ill be gone for at least a month because im loosing internet phone and tv :(
bye for know

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Clubpenguin Halloween Backround!

Awsomne backround for the computer!

cool bat headpiece to!
probly a nonmember iteam we will get
look at the penguin shadows in the backround of the backround lol
the lantern looks like a free iteam to!
the latern will probly be free the bat piece may be in the other hidden catolog :o
well the partys not here yet im still waiting so let me go check
i will post emedietly when i see it
waddle on!
Happy Halloween!

Clubpenguin Times Ishue 263

Cool ishue 263 is here!
with some winners

ill let you go check it out yourself lol
Waddle on!
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Field op mission 20

another new field op!
first go to hq
then accept it

go to the mine
go up to the puffle rescue phone!
there you have it play the gmae!
Waddle on!
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New CP Party Stamp!

a stamp for the enivercery partys only!
to get it blow out the candles on the cake by clicking on it!

Waddle on!
Happy Halloween!

Clubpenguin New Year Book!

like always a new year book!
its awsome!

oh and theres a cool picture thing on the wall, awsome!
Waddle on!
Happy Halloween!


sory its alittle late i had a halloween party yesterday :D(went to one)
well the anivercry partys here and not with the hat color we expected
this hat is 5 colors!
to get it you must click the present!

this is awsome!
Waddle on!
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Orange Puffle Now In Puffle Roundup

cool the orange puffle has finaly came out of the box demention
to the lands of cp.
are you glad cp finaly put it in?
i am!
waddle on!
happy halloween!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Clubpenguin New Halloween Start Screne

cool a new one!
this one is pretty cool!

what do you think?
Waddle on!
Happy Halloween!

Clubpenguin Storm Spoted!

The great storm is here!oooooooooo.............

This is the great storm
mabey it will have rain this year
wanna know why?
card jitsue water
this strom is related to all the ninja stuf
like normal card jitsue from the strom (made snow fall on it)
and cj fire the valcano created the storm
this storm is cool to maney penguin!
cant wait can you?
Waddle on!
Happy Halloween!

Clubpenguin Bat Pin

awsome!a halloween pin
its a bat!cool
i think ill name him batty!lol

do you like your pet bat?
i know i do
waddle on!
happy halloween!

Clubpenguin Times Ishue262

Cool new ishue of the clubpenguin times!
on sunday the anivercery party will be here with a new hat a party and the new book!

i cant wait can you?
waddle on!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Clubpenguin 5th Anniversary Start Screne

new anniversary screne!

this years color is cool just to let you know
go to the old newspaper back a week to see
(green yellow)
sory i havent posted the furniture cheats yet they will be
here later today(ive been busy)
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Clubpenguin Better Igloos Catolog October......NOT!

YAYA!the new cheats are here.......with one perk
you have to find them yourself!
because of the evil wizard who has taked over my igloo
and my penguin!
tomorow the cheats will be here!
time for you to look yourself!

like my spooky igloo?
this it could win?
let me what you think!
Happy Halloween!

Clubpenguin Times Ishue 261

new papers out :D
lets read it and not just look at the cover!

The halloween igloo contest starts later today
along with new iteams!(igloo)

cp says the party will start the 29th :(
a little late cp
Waddle on!Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feild op mission 18

Yaya!new feild op!
first go to hq
exect feild op
now go look by yourself!
lol jk

go to the dock
walk up near the water
play the game
you now have a new badge!
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Construktion

Im building a spooky igloo!
on the 15th im going to make it the scaryest iglo ever!
every day at 2:00 pm cp time,5:00 pm est time
i will be on the server fjord building my igloo so come help if you want :D

im doing this because i have halloween iteams
but i have like 1 or 2 of that iteam i need some new iteams to
oh i have tons of pumkins though/jack o lanterns the ones in the gate are a few
hope you can make it!
Waddle on!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Clubpenguin Carrot Pin Cheat

new pin alert!
go to the dance club first

now walk up to the carrot!
you know have the carrot pin
(hope i dont gots to eat this)
Happy Halloween!

Secrets Of The Bamboo Forest

Woot! one of my favorite plays are back!

lets of inside shall we?

wait most prnguins cant cross the river were the brige!
to get the brige you have to find the hidden fether
this jurny will bring life death and hard work!
..............uh no it wont just go to the mine!
go to the new fether pin
the old one had no blue in it!
sory for late posts ive ben bussy and my computer
wouldent load for pics
Waddle on!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

CLubpenguin Anivercry Hat Reveiled!

wondering what the colors are for this years anivercry?
i found them
if your at the new cp times front cover see the balloons
its for the anivercry page
thats what it looks like on a penguin!
Waddle on!